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Thumbnails for Django, Flask and other Python projects.



pip install pillow  # default image engine, not necessary if another engine is used
pip install python-thumbnails


This project has configurable parts that depends on other modules. In order to use those the dependencies need to be installed, e.g. to use the PillowEngine which is the default image engine one has to install pillow.


Using python-thumbnails can be as little effort as calling get_thumbnail. It works without configuration, even in Django projects.

from thumbnails import get_thumbnail

get_thumbnail('path/to/image.png', '300x300', crop='center')


It is possible to put settings in a Python module and specify it with the environment variable THUMBNAILS_SETTINGS_MODULE.

Django projects

This project integrates with Django without any specific configuration, put your thumbnails settings within your Django settings and you should be good to go. However, if you want to use the templatetag it is necessary to add thumbnails to installed apps:

    # your other apps