Image engines

python-thumbnails uses interchangeable image engines to make it possible to use the imaging framework you like the best. python-thumbnails should have a few to select from. However, if the framework you want to use is not supported. Extend BaseThumbnailEngine to create your own. If you think your engine is valuable to others a pull-request is always appreciated.

class thumbnails.engines.PillowEngine[source]

Thumbnail engine for Pillow

class thumbnails.engines.PgmagickEngine[source]

Image backend for pgmagick, requires the pgmagick package.

class thumbnails.engines.WandEngine[source]

Image engine for wand.

class thumbnails.engines.DummyEngine[source]

A Engine that will use a placeholder service in order to show the Thumbnails. It uses THUMBNAIL_DUMMY_URL to build the url of the thumbnail. More info can be found in the dummy-mode section of the documentation.